I Can't Believe It's Not Dogger

by The Working Man

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released January 31, 2017



all rights reserved


The Working Man Blackburn, UK

"They call me the working man and I'm the hardest man in Blackburn" - The Working Man (Direct quote)

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Track Name: Sex Wizard
Now I might not be blessed with much genital girth
But I've tickled every pussy from uganda to perth
I'll fuck up a storm and power your golden shower
And I'll the pretty virgins are mine to deflower

Sex Wizard
Sex Wizard

I take the stage a snuff box in my hand
I make a line, my assistant takes the stand
Squatting she's undressed as she slimes across the stool
Numb and pulsing violently, the sex wizards fool

Sex Wizard
Sex Wizard

With a flick of my wrist and your bubble explodes
With a shake of my fist, my innards are yours
My cape is my protection from the wet and the stink
My wand is my power as it's plunged into the pink

Sex Wizard
Sex Wizard

Now I take the stage for my final encore
The beads glisten sharply as her ass mouths "no more"
I pop the last three in that makes the count to six
And when its all over, I give them a lick and then I

Break, Down.

Flibbidy, Gibbidy
Track Name: Royal Crud
To be king I need a crown so I'm gunning for the queen,
I'll sneak under her lavatoir, the pipes are nice and clean
I hear the clink of porcelain as she rests her saggy cheeks
I light the match with one strike and sniff through my long beak

And I, I start the fire
Here comes the royal crud

There's panic in the palace
smoke billows through the door
I see Diane's ghost screaming
Dildo dodi jadore
Achtung kleine Harry
Why you dressed like a nazi?
Where's little Georgie boy
He's a rice crispy

And I, I start the fire
Here comes the royal crud

I see the corgies burning
that smell of rotting dog
I see the princess burning
The smell of rotting hog
I see the lizards burning
The smell of rotting bog
I smell the shite sliding
The festive Christmas log